Parts and Repair Services Newton

images (2)Genie Garage Door Repair Company introduces garage doors as well as do carport repair! In the event that you have a broken base board, garage door opener or a broken spring call Genie Garage Door Repair Company now and we’ll send a professional over to you. Genie Garage Door Repair Company has encountered specialists all over and around the Newton, MA region prepared to look at your garage door, diagnose the issue and fix it quickly. When the call has been made our accomplished experts will be there inside the hours on the grounds that they have one of the quickest turnaround reactions. Our garage door organization in Newton verifies our tech squad is completely prepared primed to handle any sort of garage door repair. Whether it’s simply dropping by to take a gander at it to see what the issue is or altering a debilitated board all employments are approached with deference and Genie Garage Door Repair Company specialists will verify they are there when you require them. Don’t squander your time attempting to repair it yourself, that could be excessive and unmanageable. Genie Garage Door Repair Company accomplished experts have a quick turnaround reaction once the call has been made. Regardless of the possibility that your garage door fell on top of your vehicle and its 2am Genie Garage Door Repair Company 24/7 crisis services can help us aid you immediately paying little mind to the time.

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Garage Door Repair Services


  • • New Garage Doors
  • • Electronic Openers
  • • Overhead Springs
  • • Torsion Springs
  • • Extension Springs
  • • Cables
  • • Sections Repair
  • • Sections Replacement
  • • Noisy Garage Doors Silencing
  • • Panels
  • • Rollers
  • • Tracks
  • • Garage Door Hardware Overhauls

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  • • Repair and Maintenance
  • • New Gates
  • • Security Gates
  • • Folding Gates
  • • Apartment Gates
  • • Condo Gates
  • • Horse Farm Gates
  • • Swing gates
  • • Slide gates
  • • Telephone entry systems
  • • Safety devices
  • • Access controls
  • • Transponders
  • • Gate fabrication
  • • Welding repairs

Call us at 617-454-4192